Mobile Centric Ordering

ContactlessOrdering System

is your new capability for coffee shop and food court businesses.

4 Simple Steps for Dine-in or Takeaway
We remove queues and give customers peace of mind with minimal interaction

Mobile Ordering

Customers place order from their mobile phone by scanning QR or visit website.


Customers can choose online payment or pay cash at Cashier Counter with partition screens.


Paid orders will be sent to Store Apps for the staff to prepare the orders.


When the orders are ready, customers will be alerted by their phone to collect their orders at Collection Counter.


New Revenue Stream With Youth Generation.

Contactless ordering without queue will attract the youths who prefer to do things with mobile phone. This will help coffee shops to bring in new revenue and new generation of regular customers.

Safe and peace of mind for diners. Help diners feel more comfortable.

Remove queue, reduce the risk of spreading Covid virus.

Modernize coffee shop and food court businesses

Peace of mind for diners will attract recurring visits.

Because of wearing masks, diners and stall operators sometimes have to speak louder to order food. They don't need to do so anymore.

With limited manpower capacity during Covid, no need to get orders from customers, workers can focus on order-processing and increase productivity.

Our Pricing

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  • - Mobile Ordering
  • - Store Apps
  • - Cashier Apps
  • - Sales Reports
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Mobile POS for
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  • - Mobile Ordering
  • - Store Apps
  • - Mobile POS Apps
  • - Sales Reports
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For Every Coffee Shop And Food Court Business

Enpower Your Business with Our Solution To Live with Covid-19

What we are

We are a Mobile Solutions Company.

The Beginning

Kapa Technologies was founded in 2011 to serve shopping centres in Singapore to collect daily sales data from every tenant's POS system. It helps shopping centres to calculate GTO Rent (percentage rent) from the collected sales data. It was a web-based system known as Tenants Management System.

Mobile Centric Era

We transformed our solutions to be Mobile centric in 2015. We envision the mobile technology will be the new front end coupled with Artificial Intelligence capability at the backend. Internet of things was just started. We began to design and develop the mobile loyalty system for shopping centres. In 2018, we implemented mobile loyalty for Singapore Hillion Mall. In early 2020, we started the design and development of a Mobile Ordering System for Goldilocks chain stores and Foodee Global Concept's multi-brand restaurants and food court business.

Contactless Ordering

In the middle of 2020, we started to think of a solution for coffee shops & food courts to be resilient in the face of Covid-19. Our solution – remove queues for ordering food. We created an easy-to-use web apps with digital payment as option; simple order-processing apps for the stall staff. Diners only need to order their food and drinks from their mobile and collect the food at Collection Counter. We believe our solution will be the first step for coffee shop and food court businesses owners to transform their business to be digital. Of course, there are more digital functions can be added subsequently.

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